Experience artist Salvador Dalí’s work in 360° video

Date:1 February 2016 Tags:, , , ,

What do surrealist artists’ dreams look like? Well, while their paintings might be a look into their creative minds, The Dalí Museum and Disney have created an experience that allows the museum’s visitors to immerse themselves in the art.

The Disney and Dalí: Architects of the Imagination exhibit is a collaborative effort between the Dalí Museum and the entertainment giant to celebrate the lives and work of Walt Disney and Salvador Dalí.

As part of the exhibition, Walt Disney Studios created a 360° fully immersive 3-D environment that allows visitors to travel through Dalí’s 1935 painting Archaeological Reminiscence of Millet’s “Angelus”. The video also features surrealist elephants like those depicted in his painting entitled The Elephants and a surrealist object Lobster Telephone, that is simply a lobster on top of a telephone and others.

Visitors to the museum can experience the video with a virtual reality headset. For those of us who won’t make it there, the museum was kind enough to load the video on YouTube.

Watch Dreams of Dalí above to see this vivid imagining of Dalí’s dreams. Remember to move the video around for the full 360° view.

Image/video credit: Walt Disney Studios/The Dalí Museum

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