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  • Introducing two brand-new LG UltraGear monitors to up your game

2021 has been the year of the gamer. With the launch of the highly anticipated NVIDIA GeForce 30 series last year, gamers are slowly but surely getting their hands on the coveted graphics card, which has been out of reach since its launch. But without a monitor to support these performance improvements, there’s not much point in owning the latest GPU on the market. 

This is where the latest additions to the LG UltraGear monitor range come in. Built for gamers, the two brand-new monitors deliver cutting-edge hardware and powerful specs, and are ergonomically designed to help you game what you want for as long as you want.  



First up, the 23.8-inch display with an ultra-fast 144Hz refresh rate and realistic HDR10 True Colours. The technology behind this monitor is especially remarkable, namely AMD FreeSync™ Premium, which esports players will love. How do virtually no tearing and stuttering sound? More fluid gaming, less raging.


On to the big boy! The 27-inch display also has a 144Hz refresh rate, outstanding colour accuracy, dynamic contrast, high luminance, and a wide colour gamut – but is just a little more impressive. 

It’s NVIDIA-tested and G-SYNC® compatible, meaning that what you see on screen is smoother and more seamless, and frames take a lot quicker to load. Specs aside, this monitor also boasts an incredibly eye-catching design. The screen is virtually borderless and can easily be adjusted to your gaming comfort needs. Now, that’s what we call #GamerGoals!

True to the brand’s reputation, these new UltraGear monitors are synonymous with gaming excellence and a must-have for any gamer who wants to experience their PC’s full potential. Learn more about LG’s game-changing monitors: https://www.lg.com/za/gaming-monitors  

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