External storage device: The G-Dock Ev with Thunderbolt

Date:3 August 2013 Tags:,

Those of us who have experienced catastrophic data loss equate it to something really bad, like having a limb lopped off. With an angle grinder. G-Technology’s new Evolution Series high-speed module-based external storage device – the G-Dock Ev with Thunderbolt – is aimed at ensuring that your worst data nightmares never come true. It ships with two removable 1 TB G-Drive Ev hard drives that can be used separately as portable USB 3.0 drive modules, with transfer speed of up to 136 MB/s. But that’s not all. Once the drives are inserted back into the G-Dock Ev workstation, their content can then be transferred via the ultra-fast, high-performance Thunderbolt interface. The hard drives can also be configured in various ways, including JBOD (just a bunch of discs), RAID 1 (redundancy) and RAID 0 (performance). Price: about R11 000. Contact Syntech on 0861 274 244 or visit www.syntech.co.za

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