Eye smart case gifts iPhone the Android experience

  • A closer look at the Eye smart case. Image Credit: Kickstarter
  • The Eye smart case turns your iPhone into a dual Android/iOs phone. Image Credit: Kickstarter
Date:27 June 2017 Author: Jorika Moore Tags:, ,

Are you an Apple fan that secretly wonders what life is like on the other side? I spy with my Eye a new iPhone case dedicated to bringing you the best of both operating worlds. The Eye smart case turns your iPhone into an Apple-Android Hybrid.

It’s like having two phones. It shares the same speaker, microphone and camera as your iPhone but has it’s own screen. The rear-facing 12.7 centimetre Full HD AMOLED screen display allows you to gain access to a fully functional Android smartphone.

Eye smart case adds cool features to your iPhone. Such as a NFC chip, IR blaster which lets you control home appliances, a dual SIM and microSD slots – increasing your iPhone’s storage by up to 256GB.

Eye has it’s own stand-alone battery and enables wireless charging via Qi. So your iPhone’s battery will never lose power to the Eye. It runs entirely on its own battery. While its plugged in, it will use its 2800mAh battery to run itself while also continuously charging the iPhone.

Eye is compatible with iPhone 6, 6s and 7 as well as the Plus variations. Choose between a white or black case.

The next feature is my favourite and I’m sure all my selfie enthusiasts will agree. The case faces the main camera toward you, so instead of taking selfies with your weaker front-facing camera you can take better selfies with the main camera of an Android.

How does the Eye work? The bottom of the case plugs into your iPhone Lightning port and ready for use.

The Eye smart case in action:

From a technological perspective of cramming an entire phone into a case, Eye’s concept it interesting.

The Eye is the brainchild of Esti Inc. – a newcomer to the smartphone accessory business. Priced at about R2434.91, the Eye reached its funding on Kickstarter and plans to ship out cases by September of this year.

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