Eyenimal Petcam

Date:5 November 2013 Tags:,

Watch what they’re up to

Ever wonder what oh-so-innocent Fido or Whiskers get up to when you’re not around? Well, now you can find out. Eyenimal’s aptly named Petcam solves what must be the ultimate animal lover’s question. Weighing just 35 g, it’s suitable for both cats and dogs. It captures 680 x 480 video and features an integrated microphone and 4 GB of flash memory. On the down side, its battery (charged via USB) provides just 150 minutes of footage. On the plus side, it’s very easy to use. Price: about R1 500. Contact Yuppie Gadgets on 021-557 9958 or visit www.yuppiegadgets.co.za

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