Facebook and Twitter ban Holocaust denial posts

Date:16 October 2020 Author: Leila Stein

Twitter and Facebook have both stated they will ban comments and posts which deny the Holocaust on their platforms.

This comes after social media platforms have been heavily criticised for not doing more to stop violent and untrue statements from being posted and gaining traction on their sites.

“We strongly condemn anti-Semitism, and hateful conduct has absolutely no place on our service,” said a Twitter spokesperson in a statement.

This move from Twitter was expected as the site has been making improvements to its policies and ability to control what content lives on their site.

Facebook’s decision came as a surprise as founder Mark Zuckerberg had been on record explaining that he believes interfering with the “free speech” on the site is not Facebook’s responsibility.

“Following a year of consultation with external experts, we recently banned anti-Semitic stereotypes about the collective power of Jews that often depicts them running the world or its major institutions,” said Facebook in a statement.

“Our decision is supported by the well-documented rise in anti-Semitism globally and the alarming level of ignorance about the Holocaust, especially among young people.”

This decision has been welcomed as many in the Jewish and wider communities have identified a significant increase in right-wing white supremacist and nationalist groups ,which almost all carry antisemitic sentiments as part of their manifestos.

This is further cemented by US President Donald Trump and his supporters regularly referring to antisemitic myths and lies regarding George Soros, the media and their opposition.

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