Facebook is reportedly making its own smartwatch

Date:15 February 2021 Author: Kyro Mitchell

It looks like Facebook might be gearing up to enter the smartwatch market. According to The Informationas reported by The Verge, the Facebook smartwatch will tie in directly with the Facebook platform, allowing users to view their friend’s latest status updates while also letting them track their fitness stats.

The device will reportedly run on an open source version of Android that supports cellular connections, meaning users will not be required to pair it with a smartphone. The report does not state if the device will make use of Google’s Wear OS though, which would make sense seeing as it is based on a modified version of Android.

According to the report by The Information, the smartwatch will include messaging, health, and other fitness-related features. Facebook believes the biggest draw of its smartwatch will be its ability to allow users to link their fitness activities directly to their social media account. The watch will also allow users to track and compare workouts with friends or speak directly to a trainer, for example, making for a more inclusive and enjoyable workout.

With this being a product of Facebook, there will of course be a downside. The information you provide to the smartwatch will be filtered by Facebook, meaning the social media giant will have another avenue to track your personal data. What exactly the company will do with that information remains to be seen.

Assuming the watch does indeed go into production, we could see the first Facebook smartwatch hit stores by 2022, with an updated version arriving in 2023.


Picture: Unsplash

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