Fairphone unveils new modular smartphone

Fairphone 2
Date:17 June 2015 Tags:, ,

Fairphone’s new smartphone design takes the Dutch startup’s vision of addressing the full lifespan of mobile phones, including use, reuse and safe recycling, to the next level with a modular design that allows the user to get much more involved with the device.

Fairphone 2 is still at the prototype stage, but will reportedly be on sale before the end of the year. The new model is not only modular, but also represents the company’s first in-house design. Previously it used a bought-in design. However, from the outset Fairphone was intended to use as a significant selling point its “fair” ethos. Primarily, Fairphone wanted to reduce conflict minerals used in manufacturing phones.

More than 60 000 of the original Fairphone have been sold since the project launched with a 2013 crowdfunding campaign.

The new phone features Android 5.1, a full-HD 5-inch display, 4G LTE, 2 GB of RAM, 0,7 mm Gorilla Glass 3, an 8 megapixel rear camera, a Snapdragon 801 processor, dual SIM slots, a MicroSD slot and an expansion port on the back for future sensors. The difference is (according to thenextweb.com) everything inside is modular and easily swapped by the user. “The outside case of the phone is rubberised, like the bumper case for the Nexus 5, but actually slips off the body to provide easy access to the internals of the phone. If you break the screen, it’s as simple as flicking two clips to remove and replace it,” says an in-depth report from thenextweb.com

Fairphone 2: Modular design for you to open and repair from Fairphone on Vimeo.

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