First Aid app to launch in Eastern Cape schools

Date:19 November 2019 Author: Leila Stein Tags:,

KeepSafe Schools, an online educational first aid application, was developed in South Africa and will be deployed in schools across the Eastern Cape next year.

The app gives safe, secure and life-saving health technology to schools, students and parents with aspects aimed at students, teachers and parents.

Rather than having paper records for students at schools, this app keeps encrypted information supplied by parents and statistics which allows staff to access important information in an emergency.

“A lot of teachers are not trained to look after children when it comes to their health which puts them at great risk,” Dr Rufaro Nyamuda, app creator, said during a TEDx talk in Langa this year.

Teachers are also given access to educational tools and explanations for first response to medical emergencies, addressing a severe shortage in first aid training in many schools.

Parents can sign up for notifications when the child’s emergency profile is accessed and outbreak alerts for the specific school their child is attending.

According to ITWeb, the app will be rolling out in 28 schools in the Eastern Cape in January 2020.

“We are rolling it [the app] out slowly…and then we are slowly going to increase our numbers, with the goal that at the beginning of 2021, we’ll be available in all schools in the country,”  Nyamuda told ITWeb.

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