Flip! Samsung’s digital whiteboard looks fun

Date:31 January 2018 Author: Elise Kirsten Tags:, , ,

The Samsung Flip – unveiled at CES earlier this year – is a digital white board that despite being touted as a workplace tool rather than a toy, looks like it’ll be fun to play with.

The South Korean manufacturer says that the Flip is ‘an upgrade on both standard paper flip charts and analog boards’ and that ‘the interactive display tool promotes more collaborative digital engagement.’

The tool is the result of a three-year collaborative effort by a number of experts from various fields with the goal of developing a product that would simplify office meetings.

The Flip comprises a 55-inch, rotatable, ultra-high definition (UHD) display attached to a movable stand and comes with a ‘Passive Pen’ that is located under the screen.

“With the Passive Pen, the user feels as if they are writing on actual paper, thanks to the device’s exceptional pressure sensitivity,” said Jeannie Kang, Principal Designer of the UX Team of Samsung Electronics’ Visual Display Business. “By touching it to the screen, the user can opt to use the marker or highlighter tools based on their preferences. Additionally, a number of color options are available, all of which are highly visible.”

The Flip is aimed at groups of between five and ten users, for instance in a brainstorming session. Users can import content stored on their personal devices onto the screen. For example, a participant’s smartphone screen can be mirrored on Samsung Flip’s screen. In this way, meeting attendees can get a better look at saved images or videos when necessary.

The mirrored content can be written on, or captured and all content is securely stored in a central database.  The Flip also allows embedded quick search and scrolling functions and users can access up to 20 pages of writing space.

“Samsung Flip isn’t just for displaying materials. You can write on the screen, connect it to a smartphone, run an app, capture that screen, add more content and save it,” explained Hyunho Choi, Enterprise Product Planning Group, Samsung Electronics.

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