Fourth annual Africa Games Week set to happen in December 2021

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Africa Games Week is the largest gathering of African Game Developers in the world; this year bringing together over 200 developers and a further 200 content creators from across the continent. Africa Games Week 2021 will be a hybrid event, happening live in Cape Town on December 8 and virtually on the Meet to Match event platform on December 9 – 10.

Across the world, gaming is big business and Africa Games Week gets to the heart of the business of gaming.

“The African Game Industry is about to explode, with over 11 million online gamers in South Africa,” says co-founder Rex Bowden (CATALYZE). “Our goal, since founding Africa Games Week in 2018, is to ensure that key industry leaders are working together as a community to drive this industry to massive heights!”

Africa Games Week is an established destination event for African game developers and C level Executives from across the world. International companies such as PlayStation, Focus, Xsolla, Xbox, Spiel Fabrique, Devolver, Landfall, Emerge Gaming, Gamemerging and many others come together to meet and plan for future projects.

Africa Games Week 2021 will see core game industry and community representatives; creators, developers and publishers meet and connect over 3 full and exciting days.

“This year we are focusing on developing the African Game Industry community through connection and knowledge-sharing between the greatest minds and programs in the industry, which will foster new projects and intra-African collaborations,” says an excited Bowden.

Africa Games Week 2021 is the umbrella event for multiple sub-events.

Make Games Africa is Africa’s leading ‘Business of Gaming and Developer’ conference, with speakers from XBOX Microsoft, FOCUS Entertainment, Friends of Design, Emerge Gaming, Spiel Fabqirue, and Gamemerging.

This year Africa Games Week has also partnered with the Nordic Game Discovery Contest (Sweden) and the A MAZE Train Jam (Berlin) event happening at the Goethe-Institut in Johannesburg earlier in December.

Africa StreamCon, a conference and meet-up for African and International content creators, is bringing in advertising agencies, platforms, brands, lawyers and creators to explain to each other how they see the industry developing to create a shared perspective and goals.

Games for Change, who empower game creators and social innovators to drive real-world change using games and immersive media, will be launching their African Chapter during this year’s event; in preparation for their first African satellite event in 2022.

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