• Future Apple devices could clean themselves

    Date:6 August 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

    Cleaning the outside of your smartphone can be done in a couple of minutes. Simply wipe it down with a clean cloth and you’re good to go. However, cleaning the inside of your phone is bit more complicated, and more often than not completely unnecessary as many would suggest.

    This hasn’t stopped Apple from trying to come up with a solution to cleaning the inside of your device. According to reports from Apple Insider, they have found a patent which suggests Apple could be working on a system that could clean the sensors of a device by using ultraviolet light.

    The patent’s description reads as follows, “to decompose organic contaminants inside product housing or near sensor packaging, in order to restore the clean environment needed for accurate readings of the integrated environmental sensors.” And that system is able to clean itself “by using ultraviolet (UV) light to illuminate the contaminants.”

    It then goes on to state, “The UV light rays can initiate a photo-oxidation process, which results in decomposition of squalene,” says Apple. “Upon reaction with UV light, squalene, shown with its chemical formula, is decomposed into three byproducts… that may not be hazardous to environmental sensors.”

    Detail from the patents showing how an ultraviolet light may be deployed within a small device/ Apple Insider


    Whether or not Apple will actually implement this feature into its future devices remains to be seen, but given the current COVID-19 situation, proper hygiene and sanitisation measures could be a welcomed feature.

    Image: Pixabay



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