Future Apple Watches could include a blood pressure monitoring tool

Date:7 January 2021 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Apple’s range of smartwatches has a number of features aimed at helping users track their health. These include things like a heart rate monitor, ECG monitor, and even a blood oxygen monitor. Now, it looks as though the company is looking to add another health feature to its smartwatch in the form of a blood pressure monitoring system.

According to reports from Apple World Today, Apple has once again filed a patent which suggests the company is looking at the possibility of adding a blood pressure monitoring tool in future Apple Watches. Currently, checking your blood pressure involves the use of oscillometry cuffs, which is the most commonly used noninvasive method to get an accurate and reproducible estimate of blood pressure.

While oscillometry cuffs do indeed provide accurate blood pressure readings, they are quite bulky to use and not very portable, which is why having a blood pressure monitoring tool built directly into your watch sounds like a good idea, especially if you need to take a reading on the spot.

The patent filed by Apple does, however, recognize that a smartwatch might not necessarily provide readings as accurate as conventional oscillometry cuffs do, which is why the patent also goes on to state the watch could make some internal corrections to make the readings more accurate.

According to a summary of the patent, “The use of the one or more correction factors disclosed herein may allow for more compact, convenient, and/or accurate wearable blood pressure measurement devices and methods.”

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