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IT’S IRONIC: here’s an example of cutting-edge technology, designed to liberate us from manual labour, that relies on a method our ancestors were familiar with – the good old rub-a-dub-dub.

In the quest for a cleaner wash, not to mention whiter whites and brighter colours, Samsung’s engineers found what they were looking for in the timehonoured method of handwashing. It’s all about the foam, of course. We all know deep foam is the business, even in cold water. It penetrates to where it’s needed, and it feels right.

How this came to be incorporated in a washer design came about through analysing historical washing practices. The handwash methods of previous generations created masses of rich, soapy foam for their laundry. That’s replicated by
Samsung using a special component called the Bubble Generator. Just as the wash cycle begins, the generator uses an initial water intake, creates a concentrated detergent solution and sucks large quantities of air into the ƒflow, pumping this mix rapidly up into the wash drum.

Fundamentally, this system creates a foam wash that penetrates clothes deeper, faster and more evenly. Because it uses
cold water, it cuts energy consumption, is kinder to fabrics and is less harmful to the environment than conventional hot-water machines.

Pioneered in 2010, the Deep Foam range was showcased in upgraded and extended form at Samsung’s recent Africa Forum. Notably, the Digital Inverter Motor has been optimised for greater energy efŽ ciency; 2012 models include this new brushless motor, which is more reliable and long-lasting, even at high spin speeds with larger loads – and it carries a 10-year component warranty.

There are also practical considerations addressed by the 2012 range. For instance, it’s easy to pass off washing as just another mindless chore, but it can have a signiŽficant impact on domestic economies and arrangements. Larger households often run cycle after cycle to try to stay ahead of the laundry load; on the other hand, overloading to try to
save time will compromise performance. To address that, the 12 kg load capacity Deep Foam front loader washer has the biggest wash size available in Africa in a standard cabinet.

A smart weight sensor detects the size of the load and calculates how much water and energy is needed to clean it. Moreover, a new colour LCD on the front panel indicates the most energy-conscious washing programme (the machine
is rated A+++ for energy consumption in spite of its big capacity).

The Deep Foam system is said to be good for delicate fabrics, too. Popular modern fabrics are sometimes so delicate that they require cold washing with very gentle mechanical action, but people still want the convenience of automatic machine washings rather than hand wash, and they want to get great results. There’s evidence, Samsung says, that the
foam cushion its system creates, and the gentle action involved, has a measurable improvement on garments such as outdoor and water-resistant fabrics, allowing them to keep their coating in good condition and keeping out the rain for longer.

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