Fuze card: Your whole wallet in one card

  • Use the Fuze app to manage your card. Image Credit: Fuze
Date:12 June 2017 Author: Jorika Moore Tags:, , ,

All-in-one cards have been in the pipeline for ages. Now the Fuze card hopes be the solution for those with wallets which pack more plastic than actual cash.

The Fuze contains a re-writable EMV chip that can support multiple cards and payment information. The team at BriallantTS designed Fuze to work alongside a smartphone app compatible with Android and iOS – making it secure and easy for you to wipe off all information should your card get lost or stolen.

You can also track its location via the app and easily set up or manage your accounts. A Trusted Service Management (TSM) server will be up and running by October this year. The server meets all financial institutions and will enhance security without exposing bank system keys associated with EMV chip technology.

How does the Fuze card work?

Swipe the card you want to store on Fuze or take a picture of it via the app. Fuze does the rest by uploading the necessary information. See your cards displayed clearly on Fuze card’s E-Paper display in the bottom right corner like in the image below.

The Fuze card holds up to thirty cards including credit, debit or gift cards into one single encrypted chip. Simply toggle between cards with a push of a button to select the card you want to use in your transaction. Fuze will automatically lock after the transaction is complete.

For those that want to declutter their wallets pre-order your smartcard on Indiegogo here.

The card has up to a month-long battery life and comes with a portable power bank that holds one extra charge for travel. At this time, compatibility with your card depends on bank approvals. Fuze hopes to roll out by January 2018.

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