Gamification of Faroe Island tourism

Date:17 April 2020 Author: Leila Stein Tags:,

Ever wanted to have a “player” in real life?  The Faroe Islands have taken tours during lockdown to the next level, and are allowing people to ‘remote control’ a guide who will explore the island for them.

The archipelago of 18 islands between Scotland and Iceland is offering stay-at-home travellers the chance to take virtual control of one of the islands. This can be done using your smartphone to instruct them on where to go either through hiking, kayaking or on a helicopter trip.

This is the world’s first “remote tourism tool” according to the Island’s tourism board. By combining video game-like control over a ‘player’ with real-life Faroe Island experiences, the Islanders are trying to keep tourism to their unique home alive.

“We hope that visiting our remote islands through the eyes and body of a local can bring you joy and inspiration during these challenging times – and we, of course, hope to welcome you in person once you are free to travel again,” they said.

The “tourist” can tell their guide where to jump, run or walk much like controlling an avatar in a game. But there are rules, like asking your guide to do dangerous stunts or go into an unsafe area is not permitted.

Tours last about an hour, with those participating each getting a turn on the “controller”.

The tours have been taking place once or twice daily and are expected to continue until 25 April.

Take a tour here.

Image: Faroe Islands


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