• Garmin Dash Cam keeps a beady eye on the road

    • A windscreen mount comes standard with the Garmin Dash Cam.
    • Garmin's new Dash Cam 10, one of two models launched on the SA market
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    Driving is a stressful business. Tailgating, cutting in, leaning on the hooter, bellowed insults… and all of these before you have even exited the supermarket parking area. Out on the roads, things happen in the blink of an eye – so when you need full recall, as in the case of an accident, Garmin’s new Dash Cam series could be a handy tool.

    As long as the engine is turned on, the Dash Cam automatically records everything within its 120-degree field of vision. It can be set to record a continuous loop in Full HD 1080p, 720p or WVGA and also does stills. A 4 GB microSD card comes included with the Dash Cam. However, cards up to 32 GB can be used.

    Naturally, the recording will be time and date stamped. The internal microphone enables recording of an appropriate (though perhaps not family-friendly) soundtrack. On the more advanced of the two models, an internal GPS makes geo-tagging possible, too. That includes information such as latitude, longitude, speed and direction of travel.

    The Dash Cam has an inbuilt G-Sensor. When the sensor detects sudden movements, such as braking or a collision, the Dash Cam saves the current, last and next recordings to preserve a complete record of the event. When you need to step outside to survey the damage, simply unplug the power cord: the Dash Cam has a built-in battery.

    Garmin says the Dash Cam forms part of the move towards the connected car. Earlier this year, the company says, it addressed some key trends in the Automotive GPS industry at the Garmin Partners event in April.

    Other features of the Dash Cam include:

    * 58 mm colour display

    * Suction cup windscreen mount

    * Rechargeable battery

    The Dash Cam 10 is priced at around R2 600 and the Dash Cam 20 at R3 000.

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