• Get your own V8 or V10 for just R350!

    Get your own V8 or V10 for just R350!
    Date:30 April 2010 Tags:,

    You’re a hot-blooded guy, and what you really want is to drive around town in a big, powerful V8 or V10 supercar. Trouble is, all you can afford is a tame little 4-cylinder runabout. Problem solved – you need the amazing SoundRacer, an award-winning Swedish invention that’s taking the world by storm.

    For just R350, and available exclusively from Popular Mechanics, you can get the sound you desire without having to lift the bonnet. Installing it is a piece of cake: you simply plug the device into your car’s lighter socket, tune the radio to an unused FM channel, tap in the frequency, and hit the gas pedal. Immediately, the cabin reverberates with the rumble of a very big engine.

    Shift into first gear, and the experience suddenly becomes more exciting. As you accelerate, change gear and cruise the highways, the engine sound keeps pace. If you have a powerful sound system, other motorists will think you’re driving a disguised hotrod! It gets better: when you’ve finished playing stock cars, you can plug your MP3 player into the SoundRacer and play music over the car’s sound system.

    To buy the SoundRacer simulator now, |click here|

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