Goodbye to the iPod as its reign officially ends

Date:11 May 2022 Author: Olwethu Mpeshe Tags:, ,

The reign of the iPod has officially come to an end, according to a statement by Apple. The gadgets that were understood as cutting-edge technology not so long ago, will now shine in our museum of memories and ‘relics’ alongside other 2000s favourites like the original Nokia phones.

It was the device that redefined the music-listening experience and captivated an era – allowing us to truly integrate music into every realm of our lives.

The iPod was introduced over two decades ago in 2001, with the seventh-generation Touch being the latest and last iPod released. It was the product that revolutionised Apple, and is commonly associated with being the product that “saved” the company.

As The Conversation notes, “the iPod’s functions were essentially reappropriated and absorbed into the iPhone.” In short, the iPod was a powerful blue print for smartphones.

Apple expressed that “the experience of taking one’s music library out into the world has been integrated across Apple’s product line – from iPhone and Apple Watch to iPad and Mac.”

Given the integration process, the iPod as a sole device is indicated to no longer be relevant, although Apple says that the “spirit of the iPod” will live on.

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