Google Assistant now allows kids to track their parents

Date:19 November 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Keeping track of your children in today’s current climate is of utmost importance, and there are a number of applications and devices that help parents do exactly that. However, there has never been a way to reverse that process and let children keep track of their parents, until now.

To help families stay connected this holiday season, Google Assistant users aged 13 and above can now get an easy update on their family’s whereabouts with help from Life360 and Google Maps. To use the new features, children simply need to ask “Hey Google, where’s my family?” or ask for a family member by name, and Assistant will show them their last known location on Google Maps.

The ability to instantly track someone just by asking Google where they are may raise some privacy concerns, but it appears as though the feature only works for tracking users aged 13 and above. It also only works with people that are part of a Google family account. Users will also need to enable location sharing enabled on Google Maps or Life360.

This feature is now available on Google Assistant-enabled devices including smart speakers (like the new Nest Audio), Smart Displays and Android and iOS phones.


Picture: Pixabay


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