Google Chrome to warn if your password is stolen

Date:11 December 2019 Author: Leila Stein Tags:, ,

Google Chrome has announced a new feature where they will let you know if your username and password have been exposed to data breaches.

The rise of phishing scams and data breaches by major companies led Google to develop this feature to keep their users safe.

In South Africa Mimecasts 2019 State of E-mail Security report showed that in 2018, 53% of South African companies were impacted by e-mail attacks, while 63% reported increases in impersonation fraud. In October, the City of Johannesburg experienced an attack by a group holding their data to ransom.

When logging into your Google Chrome browser, users will now be prompted should their password be considered under threat. “It will suggest that you change them everywhere they were used,” they said in a blog post.

This feature is an extension of the Google Password Checkup feature introduced at the beginning of 2019. Here users could scan their passwords at any time.

The new feature does this automatically, meaning users don’t have to remember or volunteer to do it.

In addition, Google have expanded their phishing tracking capacity.

“Google’s Safe Browsing maintains an ever-growing list of unsafe sites on the web and shares this information with webmasters, or other browsers, to make the web more secure. The list refreshes every 30 minutes, protecting 4 billion devices every day against all kinds of security threats, including phishing,” they said.

Now the update offers real-time warnings if the site you’re about to enter is suspected to be malicious.


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