Google introduces app which makes tasks even easier

Date:26 May 2020 Author: Adrian Brown

Google is launching an app that increases the ease with which tasks can be completed. The app, Action Blocks, was created to help people with cognative disabilities use functions such as listening to music or making a phone call.

With the app, a task that previously required several clicks and swipes now can be done with only one button. It allows users to create short cuts in the form of a block, for a specific action, according to Business Insider. The block is situated on the home screen of the device.

For making a call, for example, clicking the block replaces the string of actions including opening the app, locating the desired contact, and clicking “call”.

Blocks can be customized with images to represent the action, for example you may set a picture of your spouse for a block that allows you to video call them.

According to Tech Times, activities such as turning off the lights at home or any task that uses voice control can also be automated through the Google Assistant macros of Action Blocks. This is done by choosing from a list of actions which work through Google Assistant.

The app, which was in testing last year, is already available. It seems, however, that it is only available to Android users. Any device running Android 5.0 and above, will be able to run the application, reports The South African. 

For no cost at all, the app is available through Google’s Play Store.

Image: Pixabay

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