• Google Maps adds COVID-19 tracking feature

    Date:9 September 2020 Author: Leila Stein

    Google has now added a COVID-19 map to their service. This shows whether a country’s cases are increasing or decreasing.

    This isn’t the first COVID-19 related update from the service. Previously they added alerts about crowded places, COVID-19 testing centres and alerts about COVID-19 travel information.

    However, these features are not yet available in all countries, but rather have been given to a select few so far depending on Google’s resources.

    For example, South Africa was not included in the testing centres update, but alerts regarding local COVID-19 news are included.

    The information about the most recent update was found by analyst Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter.

    When this new feature will be made available to all is unclear, however it is likely to be picked up for release as international travel opens and knowing how each country is fairing becomes information people need.

    Image: Jane Manchin Wong/Twitter

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