Google Maps allows families to see deceased loved ones

Date:14 January 2020 Author: Adrian Brown Tags:,

People around the world are utilising for Google Maps Street View for a new purpose following a tweet where a woman said she was able to find one of the last pictures of her grandfather on Google Maps after he passed away.

For many, the only way to find comfort after a loved one has passed is by revisiting old memories and looking over photographs of them before they passed. For those who had no pictures of their loved ones, Google Maps Street View has given them a second chance to look upon the faces of those they have lost.

Essentially, Google Maps allows users to search various areas around the world or even local location for destinations you wish to visit. The Street View options allows users to see the destinations in question from a street view perspective. Now, this setting is being used in a way it never was before as more and more people are realising that they may be able to see their loved ones again by using Google offering.

These street views are taken by cars with cameras or contributors that allows Google to map out the world for their users to more easily navigate in their daily lives.

Speaking to CNN Leslie Barraza said she had no idea what was about to begin when she posted a short video of her finding her deceased grandfather’s farm in Mexico on Google Maps. In the video Barraza’s grandfather can be seen sitting outside of his home. This gave her comfort she never expected and her video did the same for others as they searched for their loved ones too.

Since Barraza’s tweet many others have managed to find pictures of those they have lost, allowing them a sense of closure they never thought they’d get from Google Maps.

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