Google’s latest AI tool lets you write poems in the style of legendary poets

Date:24 November 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Google has unveiled its latest experimental AI-powered tool called ‘Verse by Verse’. The programme helps you channel your inner poet by using an AI systems that provides suggestions in the style of a classical poet to act as your muses while you compose a poem of your own.

Once you have accessed the Verse by Verse tool, you then choose which poets you would like to act as your inspiration, these include the likes of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, and Paul Laurence Dunbar, just to name a few. Once you’ve written the first line of your masterpiece, Verse by Verse will start to suggest the next possible verse.

The AI tool simply provides suggestions as to what it thinks one of the aforementioned poets would write, you still have full creative power over your poem and can choose to continue writing your own verses. You could also use one of the suggestions provided by Verse by Verse, or even edit one of the suggestions to make it more personal.

Google managed to create this tool by first training its generative models on a large collection of classic poetry. They then fine tuned the models on each individual poet’s body of work to try to capture their style of writing. The suggestions given by the AI tool are not lines taken directly from the poets, instead, they have been generated to sound like lines of verse the poets would have written.

To access the Verse by Verse tool and release your inner Edgar Allan Poe, simply click here. 


Picture: Pixabay


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