Got the shakes?

Got the shakes?
Date:30 April 2006 Tags:

Have you ever tried to look through binoculars while on the move? Or worse still, after a night of unbridled jollity? This can be entertaining, but not if you’re eager to check out that recent cheetah kill.

Enter Bushnell’s 10 x 35 mm StableView Image Stabilising binoculars, a high-performance instrument that takes the shake out of the equation. “Normal” mode compensates for 3 degrees of motion – ideal for use in a moving boat or car – and “Fine” mode dampens up to 1 degree of movement to significantly reduce the effect of hand tremors and the “shake” that’s typical at high magnifications. Essential gear for birders, hunters and anyone who enjoys viewing nature, the binoculars cost about R9 500. Contact Bushnell Performance Optics SA on 011-792 5408 or visit

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