Great stuff: Projecting brilliance

Great stuff: Projecting brilliance
Date:31 December 2009 Tags:,

If you want your business message to truly shine, you need a versatile projector that’s up to the job.

NEC’s latest NP3250 series of projectors are much more than output devices – they’re more like intelligent control units. For starters, they can be integrated via plug-andplay into LANs and WLANs without any additional software. A remote desktop function allows PCs to be controlled from the projector; all you need do is connect a mouse and keyboard.

Individual projectors have a maximum brightness of 5 000 ANSI lumens. In bright rooms or large halls, up to four units can be stacked together to project a single image, producing a total brightness of 20 000 ANSI lumens (for the uninitiated, this is serious stuff). Aside from the standard lens, there are five optional lenses that cater for all types of venues, with projection distances ranging from 90 cm to 70 m.

Price: about R47 900. Contact NEC Display Solutions on 011-918 6449 or visit

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