Gumtree app pioneers Account Kit: Facebook’s password-free software

Pictured is an example login screen for a sample app using Account Kit.
Image credit: Facebook
Date:14 April 2016 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, , , ,

Account Kit is the latest in password-free software developed by Facebook. The program ditches the traditional username and password convention for SMS verified login.

Locally Gumtree will pioneer the implementation of Account Kit with their classifieds app. Gumtree app users will be given the opportunity to log in using either Facebook of with a cellphone number. The latter gives even those without a Facebook account access to the portal.

How it works: When accessing the app, the user will be prompted to connect with Facebook or log in with a cellphone number. When a user chooses the cellphone option, they will be sent a code that must be entered to complete the login. But fear not, Account Kit does not take you away from the application or charge users to receive an sms. The software is built into the Gumtree app.

Account Kit currently supports SMS login in over 230 countries and regions, and over 40 languages.

The business advantages of Account Kit include a completely customisable user interface and comprehensive analytics. The software can be adapted to the look of the brand, making its’s integration so subtle that the average user won’t know the difference; while also giving businesses a better understanding of their users’ login habits and preferences.

Currently Gumtree is the first business in South Africa, and one of the first 20 internationally who are integrating the software. India’s music streaming service Saavn has already implimented Account Kit and has seen growth of more than half a million users since its introduction in February.

Below is the complete presentation from the Facebook Developer Conference (F8), that explains Account Kit, and the difficulties some users face when using traditional login details.

Image and video credit: Facebook

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