Hang out with the Mandalorian using Google AR

Date:25 November 2020 Author: Leila Stein

Google loves bringing things into your living room through its AI and now Star Wars fans can hang out with the Mandalorian as well.

Google’s augmented reality offers those with Android 5G devices the ability to interact with the bounty hunter. Rather than just watching him on screen, users can interact with the life-like animation which appears to be seamlessly integrated into their home.

“To create this original experience, Google, Disney and Lucasfilm worked together to imagine a next-generation augmented reality app optimized for 5G devices. Our teams collaborated to build hyper-detailed models and life-like animations—all while packing scenes with fun surprises,” said Google in a blog post.

“Using ARCore, Google’s developer platform for building augmented reality experiences, we created scenes that interact with your environment and respond to your surroundings.”

Users can unlock effects based on your actions with the app as they follow events from the first season which include finding the Child and using the force.

New additions to the app will roll out on Mando Mondays, so you’re never bored.

Picture: Google

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