Hendo Hoverboard seems like the real McCoy

Date:13 November 2014 Tags:, ,

Dubbed as the world’s first REAL hoverboard, the Hendo Hoverboard lifts about 2,5 cm off the ground and you can actually ride it. See for yourself…

How does it work? There are footpads on top for optimal traction and four disc-shaped hover engine housings underneath. The engines induce an opposing magnetic field in the surface substrate below that provides lift, levitating the board off the ground. Currently, the surface substrate needs to be a non-ferromagnetic conductor (such as commonly available metals in simple sheets), but Hendo is working on new compounds and new configurations to maximise their technology.

Until the hoverboard is available (in late 2015), Hendo is offering the Whitebox Developer Kit, which contains a scaled down set of their hover engines. There’s also the Whitebox+, which uses scaled-down hover engines with control and propulsion capabilities, operated through your mobile device (iPhone/Android).

With 31 days still to go on Kickstarter, Hendo Hover has already received $438 708 –  well ahead of it’s $250 000 goal.

Source: Hendo Hover


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