Hitachi develops customer service robot, EMIEW3

Hitachi's latest customer service robot, the EMIEW3
Image credit: Hitachi
Date:13 April 2016 Tags:, , , , ,

EMIEW3 is the latest in customer service: a robot designed by Hitachi to autonomously approach and assist customers.

The robot was developed as a service solution in high-traffic spaces, such as hospitals, event venues and public transport facilities like airports. It interacts with the public by using the spoken word, and also has the capability of identifying a human requiring support by their body language. It will autonomously search for a customer needing assistance, and then autonomously approach and interact with them.

To better customer service capabilities, EMIEW3 robots share the same remote operating system. This allows for both remote control, and for information to be shared between multiple robots.

The EMIEW project was launched in 2005, with the previous generation EMIEW2 making its début in 2007. Hitachi developed EMIEW with a view of advancing business and society.

The latest version of the EMIEW series retains some of its predecessor’s capabilities. These include a compact height of 90 centimetres and lightweight portability, at only 15 kilograms. Like the EMIEW2, the EMIEW3 is also able to keep up with a brisk walk by adjusting its speed up to 6 kilometres per hour. Getting knocked over is also not problem, the robot will quickly resume its standing position.

Watch the video above to see the EMIEW3 in action. Sadly, only Japanese language videos of EMIEW3 are available, as the robot has not yet been showcased outside of Japan.

Source: Hitachi

Video credit: MONOist

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