Honda Walking Assist Device steps forward

Date:23 July 2015 Tags:, ,

Honda is to begin lease sales of the Honda Walking Assist Device, an assistive device for use in rehabilitation of walking, to hospitals and rehabilitation facilities throughout Japan. Lease sales are scheduled to begin in November 2015.

Striving to offer the joy of mobility to more people, the company has been continuing the research and development of the Walking Assist Device since 1999 while leveraging the theory of human walking that it has amassed through research and development of ASIMO, the company’s advanced humanoid robot. Since 2013, with the cooperation of approximately 50 hospitals and other facilities in Japan, a limited number of the Walking Assist Device have already been in use, which enabled the functions of the Device to be optimised.

Honda is beginning lease sales of the Walking Assist Device to make it available for more hospitals and facilities across Japan.

The Walking Assist Device features a function to influence the user to achieve efficient walking based on the inverted pendulum model, which is a theory of bipedal walking, and is designed as a device to be used in walking therapy/training under the guidance of a doctor and/or therapist.

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