Houdt freeboard is SA’s first electric skateboard

  • The Houdt Freeboard is available in two forms Rider and Cruiser.
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The Houdt freeboard brings simplistic zero-emission travel to South Africa. Available from 01 December, this locally developed personal transport system puts a creative spin on personal mobility.

Houdt made a name for themselves producing accessories that include wooden covers for smart devices, often collaborating with local artists. Now they’ve moved into an entirely different – and somewhat niche – market with their in-house designed freeboard. Freeboards are definitely a (more than?) slight departure from the company’s traditional business. But it sure looks interesting.

The Houdt freeboard

The Houdt Freeboard comes in two models: the Cruiser and the Rider. Both models are fitted with remote controls that give you the ability to adjust the speed and brakes as you ride.

The board weighs about 7 kilograms and measures at 92cm. Made from lightweight, springy bamboo, the board can reach speeds of up to 30 kilometres per hour on a single 4-hour charge. It is also capable of missioning up hills that have a maximum incline of 25 degrees.

The boards also have regenerative braking. This basically means that traveling and breaking downhill assists in charging a bit of power.

Rough pavement? No stress. The boards’ bamboo decks are said to offer enough shock absorption for even the roughest of pavements. We do, however, discourage you from attempting to go off-roading with the freeboard.


Now hold your breath, because this might surprise you. The Houdt Freeboard will retail for R13 999. While this seems like a steep price for what is essentially a battery-operated skateboard, you should keep in mind that you’ll probably travel faster than the bulk of peak hour traffic. Also, unlike a scooter the freeboard doesn’t require fuel. And the battery is said to last

Bookings for the Houdt Freeboard are currently open and a deposit of R1 999 secures your board. The R12 000 balance is payable on the website before the delivery date. For more information check out the Houdt website by clicking here.

Check the Houdt freeboard in action in the video below.

Images and video credit: Houdt

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