• Huawei’s AI Cube isn’t a cube

    Date:31 August 2018 Author: Brendon Petersen Tags:, , , ,

    Pretty much every electronics manufacturer has a smart speaker on the market, including Huawei. Today at IFA 2018 the company unveiled the Huawei AI Cube, a two-in-one speaker and 4G router with Alexa built-in.

    “As an industry leader, Huawei is committed to providing seamless connectivity and enabling the smart, connected experience. To those ends, Huawei has been actively strengthening the value proposition of its product portfolio, and augmenting an increasingly wide range of products with AI technology, with Huawei AI Cube being the latest in the line,” said Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer BG. “Huawei AI Cube boasts a complete set of functionalities that showcase Huawei’s commitment to innovation and collaboration. By combining Huawei telecommunications technology with Amazon Alexa, the Huawei AI Cube is a compelling product that will surely strike a chord with consumers.”

    One thing that sets it apart from other speakers is its ability to act as a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot. Setup for the router is easy and intuitive—it only requires a 4G SIM card plugged in to establish a high-speed internet connection at LTE Category 6 speeds (300Mbps downlink). The Huawei AI Cube is also compatible with the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, meaning the router is dual band, capable of working on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels and transmitting data over LAN at up to 1,200Mbps.

    “The Huawei AI Cube combines several products into one while balancing smart functionality with high-quality sound,” said Pete Thompson, Vice President of the Alexa Voice Service. “We’re excited to see Huawei bring customers in Europe a natural way to play music, control smart home devices and access thousands of skills.”

    In terms of speaker performance, the AI Cube has a large 400ml sound cavity and an aluminium diaphragm, enabling the AI speaker to produce high-quality audio with crystal clear midrange and highs, as well as full, rounded bass. The audio is also enhanced with Huawei’s proprietary audio solution: Huawei Histen which enriches the AI speaker’s set of features by including virtual bass, linear phase equalizer, adaptive gain control, far-field voice recognition and more as part of its repertoire.