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    LiteXpress"â„¢s Liberty 116 headlamp
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    LiteXpress’s Liberty 116 headlamp

    Night vision can be extremely useful (for example, to avoid being tripped up by guy ropes when leaving your tent during the wee hours). However, since humans are not equipped to see in the dark, LiteXpress’s Liberty 116 headlamp is arguably the next best thing. Aside from the familiar clusters of white and red, this lamp features green and blue LEDs. This is not a shameless gimmick, though: green light reportedly works for hunters and anglers because its soft light doesn’t disturb their prey. It’s also useful in smoky conditions, and doesn’t attract insects. Blue light, on the other hand, is good for reading maps when you want to avoid detection, and it’s said to be great for following the blood trails of injured animals. Other features include a smooth dimming system, collimator lens, focus control from fl ood to spot, and water-resistant design. Price: about R400 (dependant on the exchange rate). Contact Lite Optec on 011-462 6986 or visit www.liteoptec.co.za

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