i.Gear Lumio Projector

Date:29 July 2012 Tags:,

New accessories are being launched for the ubiquitous iPhone in such quick succession that users have barely managed to catch their breath. And here’s another one – the i.Gear Lumio Projector, an appealing device that allows you to project data (videos, pictures, slideshows, etc) from your iPhone 4/4S on to just about any surface imaginable. Measured diagonally, the projected image can range in size up to 130 cm, using three LEDs as a light source.

But wait, there’s more! Because it comes with its own Li-Ion battery, this mini-projector won’t deplete your phone’s battery, and it can even be used as a portable charger for your phone when you’re out and about. It comes with an integrated loudspeaker.

Price: about R3 000. Contact Mantality on 011-462 5482 or visit www.mantality.co.za


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