Industrial robot tattoos (almost) like a pro

  • The robot does its first tattoo on human skin. Image credit: Appropriate Audiences
  • This is open source, to allow other universities to work on this area of robotics. Image credit: Appropriate Audiences
  • The industrial robot arm tattoos on skin-like silicon material. Image credit: Appropriate Audiences
  • The industrial robot arm goes to work on a piece of leather. Image credit: Appropriate Audiences
Date:15 August 2016 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, , , , ,

It’s not every day that you see an industrial robot perform a precision task with a human as its canvas. In the video below an industrial robot arm, the likes of which are used to build vehicles, is used to tattoo a preloaded design onto human skin.

The tatooing robot was born from a one-day workshop organised by the Ministry of Culture in France in 2013. Design students were invited to the ENSCI–Les Ateliers design school in Paris, where they were tasked to transform, hack
it or remix images, videos and sound clips that were in the public domain. One team decided they wanted to attempt to create a machine that could tattoo images from the public domain database.

Eight hours later the team had hacked a desktop 3D printing machine to work as a precision “tattooing” machine. Well, almost. The machine traced on skin using a pen. After the workshop the team decided they didn’t want to stop there. They wanted to create a machine that could really tattoo.

The video below shows how far the project has come since 2013. Watch the video below to see an industrial robot tattoo human skin.

Video credit: Appropriate Audiences

Source: Design Taxi

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