• Instagram faces lawsuit for illegally harvesting biometric data

    Date:12 August 2020 Author: Leila Stein

    Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is facing allegations of illegally harvesting biometric data of its users.

    According to Bloomberg, the lawsuit was filed in California this week and accuses the company’s photo-sharing app of collecting, storing and profiting from biometric data of more than 100 million users without consent.

    Facebook has begin alerting users that their biometric data is being collected, but only from the beginning of 2020 and the suit alleges the company has been doing it since well before then.

    The lawsuit is citing Illinois privacy law to bring this suit to court. If found guilty as a result, the company could have to pay $1,000 per violation.

    Facebook has had a troubled history with data collection and privacy, the company even offered to pay a $650 million settlement over a similar lawsuit which alleged the collection of biometric data of Facebook users.

    Facebook has yet to respond regarding the most resent suit.

    This new allegation comes as the concern over privacy heightens, with Chinese social media company ByteDance being banned in the US, and as a result its app TikTok. The ban cites privacy concerns as it is feared the Chinese government has access to the data of users across the globe who use the app.

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