Instagram to warn users about potentially offensive captions

Date:19 December 2019 Author: Leila Stein Tags:,

In an attempt to curb bullying on their site, Instagram will now introduce a warning for users should the caption on their photo or video be “potentially offensive.”

Using an AI-tool designed to identify previously flagged content in the draft caption, Instagram’s service will bring up a pop-up notice saying the caption “looks similar to others that have been reported.”

But the warning doesn’t mean that Instagram will stop posters from using, rather it hopes to encourage users away from harmful or offensive content. Instagram said in their announcement that these nods of encouragement away from rude behaviour were helpful in their test rounds.

“Results have been promising, and we’ve found that these types of nudges can encourage people to reconsider their words when given a chance,” they said.

In addition to curbing bullying, this tool can help Instagram educate people on what is or isn’t allowed on their site, with the notification acting as a warning that their content would put them at risk of breaking the community rules.

This feature will roll out to selected countries before expanding globally.

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