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When the Nintendo Switch was released in 2017 it became an instant favorite amongst gamers. But the company is not known for resting on their laurels, and in true Nintendo fashion, the gaming giants have decided to shake things up and provide gamers with an smaller alternative to the hugely successful Switch console with the Nintendo Switch Lite. 


If you couldn’t tell by the name, the Nintendo Switch Lite is smaller than the original. Nintendo achieved this size reduction by merging the two removable controls into the main body of the device.Other design changes include the removal of the kickstand at the back of the device, and a slight re-design to the air vent located at the top of the device, as users of the original Switch complained that the vents would begin to crack overtime. Only time will tell if this re-design fixes that issue. 

Due to the console being a single unit, instead having removable controllers like on the original, it comes in three different colour options: Yellow, Grey, and Turquoise. For those who want something a little more special, Gamespot announced that a Pokemon Sword and Shield version of the Switch Lite will be released in November 2019.

Display and Sound.

In order to make the Switch Lite even more portable than it’s predecessor. Nintendo reduced the size of the screen from 15cm diagonally to 13cm diagonally, but managed to maintain the 720p resolution from the original. By keeping the same resolution in a smaller screen size, the Switch Lite has a slightly higher pixel density, meaning the colours and display are a bit more defined. 

To get the Switch Lite to this size, compromises had to be made and unfortunately those came in the shape of the speakers. It uses down-firing speakers instead of the front facing ones. For most people this is not an issue, but those who have larger hands might find themselves accidentally covering the speaks, which can be pretty annoying at times. As for the speakers themselves, they’re not as loud as the on the original, but the differences are barley noticeable. 

Battery life

Depending on what game you’re playing, and your device settings like volume and screen brightness, Nintendo claims that the Lite can can provide you between 3 and 7.5 hours of game play. 

Final thoughts

All in all, our team ended up loving the Nintendo Switch Lite. The lack of weight to the device doesn’t take away from the excellent build quality, and the smaller screen wasn’t even noticeable after a few minutes of gaming. Ultimately, buying the Switch Lite comes down to personal preference. If all you’re looking for is a conventional console that you’re able to hookup to your TV, the original is the one to go with. However, if you’re looking for a high quality console that allows you to play your favorite games on the move, easily portable Switch Lite is for you. 

Currently the Switch Lite is retailing for R3,999 at Makro and R3,849 on Takealot, but we would suggest waiting for the Black Friday sales before making the purchase.

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