• iOS 14 is available to download on iPhone

    Date:18 September 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

    iPhone users who have been waiting in anticipation for the latest iOS update can breathe a sigh of relief, as Apple have officially released iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 software updates for users around the world. Here are a few of the best features.



    The updates come with a few substantial changes, which would explain the large 2GB software update. iOS 14 introduces a variety of brand new features, chief among which includes a complete overhaul of the widgets experience. Widgets, which have been part of iOS for a number of years, now show more information and can be placed directly on your home screen.



    Apple’s personal assistant Siri has also seen an overhaul, gone are the days where Siri takes over your entire screen when asking it a simple question. When you summon Siri in iOS 14, a small Siri blob appears at the bottom of your screen, with the search results popping up as a notification at the top of your screen.


    Picture-in-picture mode

    iOS 14 also introduces a picture-in-picture mode, similar to the iPad feature. When a user is watching a video or taking a FaceTime call, they can simply swipe back to the home screen and the video will continue to play a small box which you can move around the screen. Picture-in-picture mode will however only work with application that support the feature


    Messaging improvements 

    Messaging on iOS 14 has also received some improvements. Users now have the ability to pin up to nine conversations which places all of them at the top of your message stack. Group conversations have also been updated. You can now see pictures of everyone who is in the group, with the most recent people popping up first. You now also have the ability to set Messages only to notify you when you’re mentioned.



    Apple is big on privacy, and that shows in the iOS 14 update. Users now have the ability to give applications their approximate location instead of an exact location, which is perfect for sporting or weather related apps. Additionally, when an app asks to access your photos, users can select specific photos to give it access to, instead of the whole library.

    When an application has access to your camera, a green dot will appear in the status bar, while an amber dot will appear when your microphone is being accessed.


    Click here to read the full list of updates included in iOS 14. 


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