iPhone 11 survives a 6-month-long slumber in Canadian lake

Date:8 March 2021 Author: Kyro Mitchell

If your smartphone is ever completely submerged after being dropped in a puddle of water, you’ll know the chances of it surviving are slim to none, despite most manufacturers boasting that their devices are water-resistant.

Now, it looks like one smartphone maker, Apple, has actually delivered on its promise of making a water-resistant smartphone. Fatemeh Ghodsi, a resident from Vancouver dropped her iPhone 11 into a lake at Chilliwack in British Columbia, Canada over six months ago. When she went to the iStore to try and figure a way to get it back, staff told her that it would be virtually impossible to retrieve the device, resulting in Ghodsi having to buy a brand new device, according to EN24.

Fortunately for Ghodsi, all hope was not lost when it came to retrieving her device, as it was recently found by free divers Clayton and Heather Helkenberg, who were exploring the lake’s bed for their YouTube channel, Aquatic Monkey.

Even more surprising is the fact that the iPhone was still in working condition, half a year after first falling into the lake. According to Clayton, the only damage the iPhone suffered was a broken microphone and speaker. In order to track down Ghodsi and return her long-lost device, Clayton and Heather simply inserted a new SIM into the device to located her contact details.

Take a look at the amazing find below:

Picture: Screenshot from video

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