• iPhone 12 could ship with the same massive notch as previous devices

    Date:11 August 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

    Ever since the iPhone X launched in November 2017, people have had mixed opinions of the smartphones unmissable notch. Some argue that it ruins the overall look of the device, while others have been able to look past it because of the advanced TrueDepth camera and Face ID hidden behind the notch.

    That very same notch has become a staple for every flagship iPhone since 2017, and if you were hoping that this year’s iPhone 12 would finally get rid of the divisive notch, you might be disappointed. A recent leak by Mr-white on Twitter seems to suggest that the next-generation iPhone’s will not only feature a notch but it won’t be reduced in size either.

    In the image posted by Mr-white, you can see what appears to be a torn down iPhone 12 with a familiar-looking notch at the top of the device, leading many to believe this is what the final notch will look like.

    Apple is expected to announce its new range of iPhone’s towards the end of this year, with the smallest of the device rumoured to be around 5.4-inches. If rumours are to be believed, a regular-sized notch on a smartphone as small as that will leave a number of apple fans quite disappointed.

    Image: Pixabay


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