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  • The iStore in Canal Walk at 8:20AM on iPhone 8 launch day. This is the 2nd busiest iStore in the country.
Date:26 October 2017 Author: Lindsey Schutters Tags:, , , , ,

This is the best iPhone ever, but you’ll never notice. From the engineering masterpiece that is the A11 Bionic processor to the tangible upgrades to the camera, the new phone is very much like its predecessor. You’ll see a difference when viewed from behind, should the bearer be brave enough to leave the now glass again iPhone back panel exposed.

Of course this is the key upgrade to the 8. The very thing that elevates it above the iphone that came before is the addition of wireless charging. Again done in typical Apple fashion where the metal chasis has a hole in the centre to allow for electron induction throughput.

I like the idea of the iPhone 8. I love that Apple is further extending its lead in the CPU market. I enjoy the feeling that betting on AR when many of my peers in the media flocked to VR and am a little smug after the X was announced with an OLED screen.

I’m not rich enough for the phones that best embody the new direction Apple is taking. The basement model 64 GB iPhone 8 already doubled my contract price, but even then I don’t complain. The 32 GB iPhone 7 was the same price as this model until a few months ago. Also, you can now pick up a brand new iPhone that will upgrade to the latest software out of the box for as little as R5 000. So what’s the question about iPhone economics?

The iStore in Canal Walk at 8:20AM on iPhone 8 launch day. This is the 2nd busiest iStore in the country.

I splurged on a launch day iPhone 8 so that my long-suffering wife can have something nice. She’s been living through Beta testing hell on a 16 GB iPhone 6s because I needed to gauge the changes to 3D Touch in the new OS. Her rose gold old device is now a replacement for my beloved iPhone SE which I traded to take the sting out of the 8’s price.

Does she notice a difference? No. I do. A little extra detail on images. More vibrant colours. The excellence of the white point shift on the True Tone display. Compatibility with my Samsung fast wireless charger. Better performance from the speakers. It’s all there. Tangible differences if you know what to look for.

The iPhone is the Floyd Mayweather of smartphones. Not everyone appreciates how it goes about its business, but the record is undeniable. People weren’t queueing for the 8 because people don’t have a ton of disposable income anymore and high-end phones from as long as two years ago are still good enough.

This is the best iPhone ever and my wife is on the “s” cycle, it was a no-brainer. If the battery holds up she may go to a three year cycle. If the next iteration of the X irons out all the bugs I can forsee by looking at iOS 11 betas, then I may shift both of us over to that. But as long as an iPhone still has a home button, you’ll never notice the difference between generations. They’re just iPhones. If you want a new one, get it. If not, you’ll be fine for a while still.


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