Comparing 15 iPhones from 2007 to now

Date:23 September 2016 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

One decade and 15 smartphones later Apple is still one of the chief players in the mobile market. Although Android reigns supreme locally, Apple has sold more than 150.26 million iPhones globally.

The iPhone’s popularity has definitely contributed to the company’s success and in turn their expansion into other business areas, like automotive technology (click to read more) and their endeavours into technologies monopolised by companies like Google (*maps-cough-cough*). But Apple still continues to focus on what they do best: computers and mobile devices.

So, in an effort to show you how far iPhones have come since 2007, YouTube user EverythingApplePro tests startup speed, benchmarks the phones, tests decibel output, camera and does a touch ID test. Of course it’s easy to predict that the newer models will outperform in some areas, like photo quality, but some previous models of the iPhone are still quite good in some other areas.

Watch the video above for the iPhones showdown: iPhone 7 Plus vs. 7 vs. SE vs. 6S Plus vs. 6S vs. 6 Plus vs. 6 vs. 5S vs. 5C vs. 5 vs. 4S vs. 4 vs. 3Gs vs. 3G vs. 2G!

Also, remember to take a look at Lindsey Schutters’ recent take on the launch on the all-new¬†water-resistant,¬†dual 12 MP camera and headphone jack-less iPhone 7. You can read all about it by clicking here.

Video credit: EverythingApplePro



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