ISS crew members finally track down the small but annoying leak

Date:19 October 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Crew members aboard the ISS have been searching for a small but annoying leak since September 2019. Now, it looks as though they have finally located and attempted to patch it. Throughout the search, NASA has been adamant that the leak did not put crew members in immediate danger.

According to reports from Russia’s government-owned news service, Tass, the leak was located in a compartment on the Russian Zvezda module. Russian cosmonaut Ivan Vagner described the leak a nothing more than a “scratch,” according to reports from Tass.

Vagner has since attempted to patch the leak, but it is not expected to hold for a substantial amount of time. According to the latest reports, the air loss in the module has slowed, but it is still slowly losing air pressure. NASA has yet to announce if a permanent solution to the leak has been established.

The leak is not the only problem crew members aboard the ISS have to worry about. When three new members arrived at the space station last week Wednesday, it was discovered that the oxygen supply system aboard the station had failed. However, ground controllers have stated that the failed oxygen supply does not pose any threat to the crew members. Both the failed oxygen supply and the leak can be attributed to the age of the ISS, which has been in orbit around the Earth for the last 20 years.

Picture: Pixabay


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