It’s official: Razer is going to make a toaster

Date:2 May 2019 Author: Sam Spiller Tags:, , , , , , ,

What started out as a 2016 April Fools joke is now becoming a reality. Three years after it was first revealed, Razer has announced that they will be starting work on their very own toaster.

The Razer Toaster started out in life as an elaborate prank put out by the gaming hardware company. Also known as Project Breadwinner, the toaster was revealed via its own flashy website and a polished developers video, which you can check out below:

A good laugh on the part of Razer, and one that started a small trend, e.g. back in June, Sega crowdfunded a Sonic toaster, but that didn’t stop some people from taking the project seriously. A Facebook page called “Give Us the Razer Toaster” took off, with the goal of garnering support for the gaming appliance. With so much enthusiasm for Razer to actually offer it, CEO Min-Liang Tan revealed on Facebook that he was putting together a team to look into the toaster’s development and construction. “Well….what can I say,” he wrote. “I’ve just officially liked their page – and I’m going to put together my team of designers and engineers. It will take a few years – but I’ll be sure to share the progress – and make it a community affair.”

The announcement is the result of a long-time agreement between Tan, and the Give Us the Razer Toaster page manager Mark Withers. Back in September 2013, way before Project Breadwinner was revealed, Tan offered Withers a chance: Get a million likes on his page, and he will make a toaster. Withers accepted the deal, and the milestone was achieved. While the page may only currently stand at around 45,000 likes, each of the 12 Razer Toaster tattoos that fans have given themselves represent 100,000 likes. One of those tattoos belonging to Withers himself.

We cannot be certain what the Razer toaster will look like upon actual release. The video and promotional images showed an appliance decked out with multiple USB ports (to connect it to your computer and charge some devices, most probably), RGB lighting, and the ability to toast the Razer logo on your slice of rye.

I’m most hopeful that all these features will still be present on the final product which I’ll put it right next to my wifi-enabled kettle.

Images: Razer

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