Jabra Sport Bluetooth stereo headset

Get untangled with Jabra's wireless headset
Date:5 June 2012 Tags:, , ,

Banish those Cable Blues

Listening to music or catching up with a buddy while exercising can make your workouts noticeably less tedious. The Jabra Sport Bluetooth stereo headset allows you to do both, and there are no cables to get in the way. Compatible with any smart-phone offering Bluetooth connectivity, it weighs a modest 24 grams and features a fl exible behind-the-ear fit, making it extremely comfortable to wear. It comes with military-grade rain, dust and shock protection, so it’s also pretty rugged.
Other features include a wind-shielded omni-directional microphone and an FM radio. Price: about R1˜500. Contact distributors Wintec Solutions on 011-467 2360 or visit www.wintecsolutions.co.za

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