Japanese town makes use of a robot wolf to scare away bears

Date:17 November 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

As humans expand their territory further into the wild, we see more examples of wild animals being displaced and inevitably making their way into urban areas like rural settlements and farmlands.

To help prevent this issue, city officials in the Japanese town of Takikawa have decided to make use of robotic “monster” wolves to scare away bears that commonly plague farmlands in the area. A phenomenon that has substantially increased over the last five years.

According to reports from Reuters, the wolf robots consist of shaggy fur, four-legs, a blond mane, and intimidating glowing-red eyes. The robot measures in at 1.2 meters long and 1 meter high.

The mechanical wolf also contains motion detectors that trigger it to move its head and flash glowing eyes while emitting a variety of alarming sounds, including howling and mechanical noises.

The robot wolves have proven to be such a huge success that Ohta Seiki, the company that produces them has already sold 70 units.

Sadly, you won’t be running into any real-life Japanese wolfs anytime soon, as the species was hunted to extinction over a century ago.

You can however check out the mechanical wolf in action below:


Picture: Screenshot from video

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