• Japan’s 60-Foot-Tall Gundam Robot Is Now Walking and Wreaking Havoc

    Date:23 September 2020 Author: Leila Stein

    The world’s largest robot—a giant Gundam that towers 60 feet above Japan’s Port of Yokohama—has been under construction since January. Now, the beastly bot is finally ready to stretch its legs.

    Inspired by the fictional Japanese robot of the same name—which has appeared in over 50 TV series and movies since 1979, as well as many manga comics and video games—this Gundam features a staggering 24 degrees of freedom. That means the robot can pick up its legs to walk, bend its knees, turn its head, and contort its fingers to mime hand signals.

    People in Japan have caught and shared a few glimpses of the engineering marvel. Considering the Gundam weighs about 25 tons, it’s pretty insane to watch it raise both arms in the air and pick itself back up after kneeling.

    While the Gundam team had to cancel a special event over the summer and postpone the grand opening originally slated for October 1, the construction process hasn’t been delayed. In the new footage, workers in forklifts attend to the robot’s appendages and head, but by all accounts, it looks like Gundam is prepared for launch.

    This article was written by Courtney Linder and published to Popular Mechanics on 22 September 2020.

    Image: Twitter

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